Limited access to food has been linked with poor health, lower birth weights, and multiple health conditions such as obesity and depression.

By Dietitians of Canada

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No Quarter: Municipal Election Issue!
By: UP! Collective Nov-05-2006

The latest edition of the Under Pressure Collective newletter is NOW available! Articles include: - Social Cleansing and the NCC - Panhandlers Union Takes on the Rideau Centre - A great guide to Leander, Texas real estate

Outreach Meeting: Ottawa-Gatineau Transit Riders' Union
Date of Event: Jun-10-2006

An Outreach Cmt for the O-G TRU has been struck and their first meeting is coming up this Sunday! (more...)

Ottawa-Gatineau Transit Riders' Union Update
By: O-G TRU Jun-06-2006

On May 30th the second meeting for people interested in forming a bus riders' union was held at the Ottawa and District Labour council. A name for the union was decided on (Ottawa-Gatineau Transit Riders' Union) as well as a mission statement. ============================================= (more...)

Tues May 30th: Next "Ottawa Bus Riders Union" Meeting
Date of Event: May-30-2006

Next meeting for the proposed Ottawa Bus Riders Union (more...)

Film and Panel Discusson: Bus Riders Union
Date of Event: Mar-17-2006

It is our hope that this panel and film will serve as a catalyst for a bus rider's union movement in Ottawa. (more...)

Emergency Special Diet Meeting this Saturday
Date of Event: Jan-21-2006

Meeting to discuss recent changes to the Special Diet policy and how we can organize to fight back. (more...)

Fighting poverty 365 days a year - 2006 calendars available now
By: Under Pressure Colective Dec-18-2005

Only $12 at Octopus Books... The 2006 OCAP/ Ontario Common Front calendar is given over entirely to the Special Diet/Raise the Rates fight and captures the community mobilization that is at the heart of it. The calendar, is a fundraising tool for Ontario Common Front groups and all (more...)

Special Diet Supplement Attacked by Province
By: Under Pressure Colective Dec-12-2005

On Friday, November 4th Ontario's Ministry of Community and Social Services quietly made changes to its Special Diet Policy. The changes could have disastrous consequences for the more than 12,000 people currently receiving the supplement, and effectively slams the door on tens of thou (more...)

The 'Can`t Afford The Fare' Hike
Date of Event: Dec-01-2005

If you get on an OC Transpo bus, starting December 1st, you will be expected to pay the highest bus fare in Canada! Join the Under Pressure Collective on the morning of Thursday, December 1st as we take to the streets and walk to your School, Job, Library, Doctor's Appointment, Community Centre, Grocery Store, City Hall! Bring your family, friends, neighbours, co-workers. (more...)

Speak out at the City of Ottawa Transportation Committee Meeting
By: The Under Pressure Collective Nov-15-2005

9:30 AM Wednesday, November 16th Champlain Room, Ottawa City Hall At City Hall on Wednesday, Nov 16th at 9:30 AM, the Ottawa City Council Transportation Committee is meeting.  On the agenda is the 7.5% bus fare hike that will be coming into effect Dec 1st.  The bus fare will be raised for (more...)

Raise The Rates Now! - An Open Letter
By: Under Pressure Collective Mar-01-2006

We are inviting all individuals and groups in Ottawa to read and endorse the Open Letter to the Provincial Liberal government demanding an increase in Ontario Works and ODSP social assistance rates.(more...)